• Darren Rawlins

Government funded COVID-19 Mediation/Arbitration Scheme now live

Following on from our post in August - the government backed mediation & arbitration scheme, for resolving commercial rent issues between business and landlords impacted by COVID-19 is now live.

The purpose of the scheme is to to deliver fully funded arbitration and mediation services for commercial leases who are in dispute about the payment of rent and outgoings, where the tenant has experienced a loss of revenue during an Alert Level 3 or 4 lockdown period, because of government restrictions put in place to combat COVID-19 (the Scheme).

The service will be available for six months from September 25th 2020 31st March 2021. 

Either landlord or tenant can apply for a fully government funded mediation/arbitration to resolve the issue of rent during the lock-down period.

Check out Focus Mediation COVID-19 Dispute resolution here and to apply for fully-funded dispute resolution for commercial lease disputes relating to COVID-19.


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