The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted health and economies around world. Many businesses in New Zealand are struggling with construction contracts, commercial contracts, employment disputes, commercial lease agreement disputes and other property disputes as a result of COVID-19. 

FOCUS Mediation has a wealth of legal and mediation experience and is here to assist you with your COVID-19 disputes.

The government has recommended negotiation and mediation as an appropriate method to resolve various types of disputes, which have resulted from COVID-19. Government funding is available for dispute resolution services for eligible parties regarding COVID-19 commercial lease disputes. 

FOCUS Mediation COVID-19 RAPID RESOLUTION is suitable for the following types of disputes;

  • Commercial lease agreement disputes (including ADLS clause 27.5)

  • Building and construction disputes

  • Commercial contracts

FOCUS Mediation offers a tailored dispute resolution process for COVID-19 disputes. This process is speedy, affordable and convenient. The process is much less burdensome than litigation through the court process or arbitration.


Does your business have a commercial dispute as a result of COVID-19?    

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