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Co-parenting through isolation - part 2 of 4

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

The second part of the series focuses on our advice for activities and your new daily routine.

Activities/daily routine for your children:

1. Communicating to ensure that between you, both your children are keeping on top of school-work that they have been given to do at home.  


Consider a daily video/telephone briefing between both homes. Identify the days agenda for you all, confirm the time that children are moving from one household to another, the children's daily goals etc.

2. Think about screen time and how to use that well.  Calls with friends/families to keep your children in touch with the people that they are close to are important. However, ensure that the time spent doing this is balanced.

3. The streets are full of children’s teddies hidden in trees, gardens, and windows.  A daily walk can be made fun by looking for these toys along your walk.  Not only are the whole family exercising together, it will give you all some time out from being at home.

4. Encourage reading, crafts and playing.  Try to keep general screen-time to a minimum.

5. Get ideas from the internet in the evening to help you for the next day’s activities, crafts etc. – it is a great resource, use it.

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