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Co-parenting through isolation - part 4 of 4

This is the final part of the 'Co-parenting through Isolation' series.

Thank you again to my collaborators Barbara McCulloch, Kaye Penney and John Green of the FDR Centre. A special thanks to Brendon Smith and Allan Harvey of Kidz Need Dadz for their input.

Here our top tips for looking after yourself as well as your children through isolation.

1. Your video/phone calls do not need to be an exhibition, plan ahead, choose the stories that you will read and the things that you will talk about before calling your children.

2. Try not to burden the children with too much information about COVID-19.  Give messages that are age appropriate. Younger children may know nothing and therefore you do not need to expose them to what is happening. 

3. Try to get your updates about COVID-19 out of earshot/sight of your children. Watch daily updates after your children’s bedtime. Remember that your children will pick up on any anxieties that you have.

4. Ensure that you look after yourself, it is important that your health and well-being is maintained, speak to family and friends, take breaks, eat well, stay active,

go for walks etc.

5. Take a breath, enjoy the slower pace, listen to the birds in the garden, be in the moment with your children – this is a chapter in time when you can do that more, make memories!

Tips for Managing the Shared Care of Children During the COVID-19 Lockdown Period full article can be found here.


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